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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 30, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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state of the union address tonight, a look at his policy goals and will talk live with jackie speier about what she wants to hear. we are hearing from former employees of a restaurant owner accused of sexual harassment. also, the bay area included in a report that shows bridges and overpasses across the country in need of repair. >> "ktvu fox 2 news at noon" starts now. >> good afternoon i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach, we are six hours away from president trump's state of the union address where he will focus on several key topics including the economy, trade, national security and immigration. sarah sanders previewed the speech by calling it incredible but there is concern within the republican party on if the president can stay on message. >> this is not about politics or party. this is about the american
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agenda. >> one dozen democrats are boycotting the night including east bay congresswoman barbara lee citing objections to the trump rhetoric and politics. the democratic rub bottle will be by massachusetts representative joe kennedy the grandson of robert kennedy. two californians will watch the state of the union address with melania trump this evening. preston sharp of reading will be recognized for his flag and flour challenge placing flags and flowers on the graves of veterans. a forest fire technician helped rescue children and staff members when the whittier fire took place last july. >> kamala harris will be bringing a daca recipient as her guest who came to los angeles from belize as a child. senator harris says dreamers represent who we are as a nation. in september trump announced he
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would be ending the daca program which estimates 800,000 young immigrants. meanwhile a federal appeals court in san francisco ruled undocumented immigrant children are not entitled to claims by the aclu that children have a constitutional due process right to a free attorney. the judges have set a system already exists to give the children a fair hearing, the aclu has not decided its next step. now to the details about a missile alert that was mistakenly sent out to hawaii earlier this month. the employee who sent it thought that an attack was imminent. today the secretary said hawaii has been testing alert capabilities and the emergency management employee mistook a drill for a real warning. he responded by sending the alert without signoff from the supervisor. the employee has been reassigned.
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we are hearing from several former employees of a well- known oakland restaurant owner charlie hallowell who has taken a leave of absence amid sexual harassment accusations. alex savidge is live in oakland where they have held a news conference.>> reporter: news conferences here in oakland today and we learned that restaurant owner charlie hallowell will be stepping away from his company for six months and he is promising to fix the culture at his oakland restaurant. this morning we heard from several of his former employees who talked about the harassment that they endured. >> beginning each workday with fear and anxiety is debilitating and nobody has room to grow in the workplace where they are seen as an object. >> reporter: today several former employees of those restaurants detailed a pattern of sexual harassment and verbal abuse by the chef charlie hallowell.
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he has admitted to hurtful behavior and has stepped aside from day to day operations at his three oakland restaurants. since these accusations surfaced several chefs and managers have quit their jobs. the women accusing hallowell of misconduct are demanding that he take action to protect employees and make sure no other women face the same harassment humiliation and intimidation. >> we have experienced harassment, inequality and oppression but we are no longer in a place to ignore minimize or except this. we have the right to fair treatment. we have the right to the opportunity to thrive in a healthy work environment allowing us to do the work we love with dignity. >> first and foremost charlie has acknowledged his behavior was hurtful and he has taken full responsibility.
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he has committed to repairing the damage. >> reporter: also this morning we heard from an attorney representing the charlie hallowell restaurant group and she laid out the steps the company is taking to thoroughly investigate claims of harassment and to change the culture at these oakland restaurants. this includes better sexual harassment training for management and staff to prevent misconduct in the future and we learn for the next six months hallowell will not be involved in restaurant operations and will not be taking a salary.>> people make mistakes but people are capable of change. hiking -- i think change is incredibly valuable to address the problem of sexual harassment. of course it should be stopped.
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a bus traveling north on interstate 280 in the los altos yesterday afternoon was one mile south of magdalena avenue when a projectile shattered the window. nobody on board the bus was injured this is the seven-time an unmarked bus.
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according to a national builder and transportation group out of washington dc. >> allie roth these must be inspected
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every two years, when inspectors look at the overpasses they give a grade, if any part of the structure gets a low-grade because of cracks in the concrete federal transportation officials have to classify it as structurally deficient. >> the american road and transportation builders association puts the data into their bridge and overpass report every year, structurally deficient does not mean it is in danger of collapsing it just means some part needs repair. the 680 overpass at monument boulevard made the list were 230,000 vehicles drive over it every day. according to inspections from last year part of the overpass above the deck are in poor condition. >> it is the main pipeline to everything north and east of here. >> i commute from antioch and i don't necessarily always drive. i am usually on the bus but it is very busy. >> the builder's association is
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a trade group representing 9000 contractors and agencies across the country. the overpasses are deficient in this area including the 680 at monument boulevard, the 280 of the lawrence expressway in santa clara, the interstate 80 bridge over danville creek and the highway 101 overpass above the creek in san mateo as well as in alameda county interstate 580 over san lorenzo creek. >> people need to be aware there are challenges with these structural issues but the overall structure is a snapshot in time of the conditions in the community. >> drivers who frequent the busy overpasses are well aware of the conditions. >> driving down the freeway you're constantly hitting potholes. >> there is a lot more traffic. even around my little neighborhood i try to stay away from it at 5:00.
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you can definitely tell there is work to be done.>> reporter: we reached out to caltrans to find out if any of the overpasses on the list will be repaired anytime soon. caltrans say that they need more time together that information. they did not have it in time for the noon deadline so hopefully we can get that information and update you later today. coming up, the death of a former actor from the tv show "glee" who had been awaiting sentencing on child or naga fee charges. trustees for the cal state university system our meeting today in southern california. another dry day around the bay area as we take a live look at the bay bridge. is there any rain inside? steve paulson is here to tell you. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california.
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"glee" actor mark salling has died in an apparent suicide. his body was located in his los angeles neighborhood. he was 35 years old. he had pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography in october and are scheduled to be sentenced in march. a bay area valley teacher has been arrested on suspension -- suspicion of sexual assault on a child. the man was arrested in san mateo on friday at his home.
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they crimes happened in contra costa county that is where he was associated with a number of different schools and the victim was under the age of 14. >> the victim is very brave to come forward and she found her voice and we need the message to get out. we hope there are no other victims. >> at the time of the arrest he was working at the west lake school for the performing arts in daly city. he will be arraigned today or tomorrow on 16 counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. the woman who was assaulted by brock turner says she is no longer involved in helping to create a memorial plaque near the fraternity house where the assault occurred because the university rejected two quotes she wanted to include taken from the statement read during the sentencing in 2016. a spokesman says the school is creating a garden at the site
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but the quotes are inappropriate. a woman last seen january 30, 1989 as she walked to the dublin ice-skating rink, she was kidnapped but they have never been able to solve the case. tonight a march is set for 7:00 at wells middle school, participants will walk to saint raymond's catholic church on shannon avenue. the police chief eddie garcia will be holding a news conference to talk about yesterday's officer involved shooting that happened in the foothills of east san jose around 3:30 in the afternoon. neighbors heard a pop and knew it was a gunshot. the woman inside had a shotgun and skyfox was above the scene a little bit later when she decided to come out of the house. people who live nearby say that they often see the woman walking her dog but did not know her very well. >> she kind of keeps to herself. the interactions had been
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pleasant but i do not remember any issues. >> police say that nobody else was in the house at the time of the shooting and they have not said if the woman shot herself. the woman was transported to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. we expect more details from the chief this afternoon. looking outside we have been watching for rain but we have yet to find it.>> i can find it but not here. it is up north certainly. seattle weather blog on twitter, this year is off to a wet start over eight inches in the books so far. that is seattle but not here. it is still raining in seattle and vancouver, some of that turning to snow in portland and then he dips to southern oregon. nationally is there anything big? nothing really just a system in the great lakes where with --
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they have five plus inches but it is warm in california. these are the windchill values over in the east, zero in buffalo, 12 in green bay, five minneapolis, boston at 21. out to the west 80s and 90s in southern california. the higher cloud deck has pushed toward them and away from us. we have mostly sunny skies with fog that has since lifted for most but some of that is holding on with clouds drifting over the top. we have a breeze from the north in palo alto and northwest at half moon bay. even to the valley we have that easterly breeze so with that we have a few locations warming up. 50s and 60s mostly, 59 to 63, livermore warmer along with novato at 63. truckee 54, reno 62, monterey
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67 partly cloudy in the mountains but it is quiet and again the only rain is in the pacific northwest. for us the question is tonight into tomorrow can we clear the high clouds and get rid of the fog? it really starts before 4:00 with partial coverage and then kicking in tomorrow with the loaner activity. we will have some patchy fog it will be dry through the 14th but there are some hints that rain will return around the 15th so we will see but until then over the next 5 to 10 days we are stable and quiet pretty warm. the normal high is 58 to 62 and we are well above that and we will continue to do that into the weekend. enjoyed that warm weather. >> nice to see the chance.>> there is a lot of chatter even though it is that far out. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a plane crash in concord that killed a
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pilot as we first reported yesterday the plane crashed after taking off from buchanan airfield at 10:30 yesterday morning. the pilot has been identified as christopher rambled of martinez. the plane went down on the old concord naval weapons station. nobody has witnessing the crash. the san jose city council is scheduled to decide on whether or not to move a statue of christopher columbus, last year a councilmember proposed relocating the statue from city hall because of controversy over the role of columbus in history. in the meeting the council is considering leaving it at city hall, moving it to the airport or removing it and donating it. the san jose mayor has expressed support for removing the statue. california honors a civil rights pioneer today, january 30
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commemorates the activist's birthday. in 1942 he refused the order from president roosevelt forcing people of japanese ancestry to internment camps. he was convicted of breaking military law. with the help of the aclu he appealed the case all the way up to the supreme court but his convention -- conviction was overturned in 1983. coming up, warren buffett along with amazon and j.p. morgan chase announced they are creating a new healthcare company.
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three big names in business are teaming up to help the us workforce. warren buffett, brookshire hathaway, amazon and j.p. morgan chase want their workers to be able to find quality medical care at a reasonable cost. the business leaders say the project is in early planning and have not released the name of the healthcare business but the new cooperative company will be independent as well as free of profit-making incentives. they have not said if there were plans to expand beyond amazon, j.p. morgan chase and brookshire hathaway but they are taking a bite out of healthcare stocks already with them sliding and amazon is on the rise, overall stocks on pace for the worst day since august and it would
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be the first today losing streak in one month. that dow jones down by almost 350 points with the s&p down 1%. a new report says airbnb is driving up rental prices and housing availability in new york city. the report was commissioned by a union of hotel workers. airbnb listings have removed 7000 housing units from circulation in the past three years and have increased the median rent by $380 per year. the study did not provide area for impact in the bay area. airbnb says the methodology of the study is flawed. 100 child development experts are trying to get facebook to get rid of the new kids app.>> rob malcolm talked with people about the issue. >> there is a question of how connected parents want to be with their children and there is a growing chorus of child health experts that say the facebook messenger app for kids is dangerous and have written a
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letter to mark zuckerberg asking to end the app. meanwhile people say it is dangerous for kids and it does pose serious risks. facebook launched the kids app last year and it allows kids under 13 to connect through text and video chat either one- on-one or in groups. kids must have parent drill approval to sign up but child advocates say that kids are too young to handle online relationships and do not understand the privacy. they added there is growing research that suggests kids who use phones for three hours a day run the risk of being suicidal and even dealing with depression. we spoke with a few people who have concerns about kids using the app and smart phones in general. >> yes, that is too young. they shouldn't have phones at all until they are 16 or 17 years old. >> it is inevitable that kids
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will be using digital products. i think they need to be monitored though and the people they are interacting with needs to be known. >> the head of global safety for facebook has said we work to create messenger kids with an advisory committee of parents and environmental -- developmental experts. we are continuing to be focused on making messenger for kids the best experience that it can be for families. facebook has said that it has no advertising and parents have full control meaning parents do need to approve their kids signing up on this before they get involved in the program. tech giants steve jobs and bill gates have rarely let their own children use smart phones, bill gates however only lets his child get a cell phone at the age of 14. the average age for
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smart phone is 10 years old. from palo alto rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. still had, less than six hours away from president trump's first state of the union address. in a moment, some of the key topics the president will discuss and we will go live to washington with jackie speier. in california another university system considering a tuition hike. more on that story after the break.
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back to our coverage of the state of the union address. >> joining us from washington dc is representative jackie speier , thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> what are you listening most for tonight? >> well, i am listening for the president to speak of unity. he has spent the first year of his presidency beating down people. beating down the department of justice, the fbi, members of congress. taking stances on african- americans. the speech is normally a speech that unifies the country so i am hoping not only will he read
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the script given to him but he will take it to heart and turn over a new leaf because it has been very difficult for many of us to work under this environment. >> your guest tonight is a former congressional aide who spoke out against sexual harassment and other democratic lawmakers have dreamers. here we are when a lot of eyes are on the president and his message but a lot of the democrats are also sending a message to america tonight. >> we certainly are. my guest is someone who worked in congress for many years and she created a letter which was involving 15 other former staffers calling on congress to clean up its act relative to sexual harassment. so we are sending a message that the so -- culture of
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sexual harassment is history and we will no longer be the black i in the country. we will transform the process in congress so we become a model for the rest of the country where victims are actually protected and represented and where the harassers will be responsible for repaying the taxpayers for settlements that are agreed to. >> some congress members have decided to boycott tonight, why will you be attending and not boycotting? >> well, there are those who are boycotting it because they are so offended by the comments that the president made in discussing the daca issue when he called it the s hole. so many of our african-american members feel it is time to not be participants. i respect that. i also think it is important
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for those of us who are concerned with the issue of sexual harassment to send a strong message to the american people so you will see a lot of men and women wearing black today to signify unity with those across the country who have suffered under those kinds of working conditions. we are going to make sure it does not continue. >> some lawmakers are calling the president racist and cite that as a reason not to attend. do you think the president is a racist? >> actually, i regret having to say this, but i do believe that he is. i think that there is a pattern in his conduct as a businessman, when he and his father refused to rent or sell to african- americans. to his dog whistling during the charlottesville demonstration, to his comments about countries
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like haiti and those in africa. that is not the conduct of the president of the united states. yet, we have seen a new low. i just want to make sure it is not a new normal. >> before we let you go, it looks like democrats need 24 seats to win the majority in the house. do you think it will happen in the midterm elections? will you get those seats? >> i don't take anything for granted. typically in a midterm the president in power's party doesn't lose seats. the people in this country do not like it when the wheels of power are held by only one party. in this case the house, the senate and the white house. so there certainly an opportunity for us. i think we have awakened many californians and americans that
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you can't give up your right to vote by sitting home. there are many districts in california where the margin was slim between the democrat and republican incumbent and had democrats come out and voted, the results would have been different. >> a busy day, jackie speier always a pleasure, thank you for your time. >> let's talk about the first state of the union address for president trump, we are welcoming back political professor james taylor. clearly there are issues of race front and center. do you expect the president to come to the center? >> i think he will throw a few issues out to his base but he has to be presidential and speak down the middle. he has to try to win over the independent support. he lost a lot of support.
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he has to be lining up for the 2020 election because 2018 will not be good. >> so he will mention his successes no doubt. what about future policies do you expect him to talk about?>> infrastructure will be the big pitch. this is a consensus policy. i think at this point you have to sort of put some substance to the intention. at this point he will reiterate infrastructure because this is where independence and democrats agree. >> barbara lee is boycotting, are such boycotts effective? >> i think so because of who she is and who maxine waters is. they represent a certain perspective and the way in which donald trump has offended their constituency domestic and international. it gives them the upper -- opportunity to take the position. maxine waters has gotten in his ear before. we have seen the congresswoman
12:37 pm
in dc congresswoman wilson got under his skin so these african- american women and congressional leaders are trying to give voice to a certain constituency. >> in the editorial meeting this morning where you joined us we talked about the length and we thought maybe will be one hour. the importance of the length and getting the message across in 60 minutes? >> 60 minutes is more effective. donald trump does not have a lot to say outside of the teleprompter so this is really well-crafted. bill clinton is the legend of long speeches so i think donald trump wants to hit a few high points and get out of the room because he is not really comfortable with the political class in the country. >> professor taylor, thank you again. don't forget, watch the state of the union live at 6:00
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tonight on ktvu fox 2 news and we will bring you the democratic response along with expert analysis. >> we will have a special edition coming up at 4:00 on the state of california where we look at key races and ballot measures. the top six candidates running for governor of california include gavin newsom, john chung , delaine easton and travis allen. gavin newsom is leading in the polls. >> i am not running to be the head of the resistance i want to be the positive alternative to the trump agenda. to build on the successes of governor brown and the leadership in this state. i think they have done an admirable job. >> candidates took part in a form last week at ucla. the top two candidates in the june primary will support -- secure a spot in the november election. that is coming up at 4:00 and
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then again at 9:00. trustees for the cal state university system our meeting to discuss the possibility of a tuition hike. the vote is not expected to happen. trustees say that current funding levels are not enough to keep operations going. they say there is a $171 million gap between the amount requested and what the governor is offering. last week the uc system postponed a vote after students and lawmakers urged them to hold off. tuition at cal state right now is $5700 per year. concern over an uptick in people calling poison control over the new marijuana laws. >> i am having an overdose. marijuana. i don't know if there was something in it. >> after the break we will look at the potency and the regulations in place. also we will bring back steve paulson for more information on your forecast.
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it will be a similar experience to if they drink two bottles of wine. >> now that the recreational sale of marijuana is legal in california more and more people are trying edible products but doctors with poison control have a warning for new customers to pay close attention to the dosage and serving size. >> alex savidge shows us not
12:43 pm
all edibles are created equal. >> can you please send rescue. i think i am having an overdose. >> overdose of what? >> marijuana. >> okay. >> please come. >> a desperate panicked 911 call from a michigan man who ate way too many marijuana brownies. now that california is ground zero for recreational cannabis some people will likely be trying edibles for the first time. these products are not for everyone and taking the right amount is key. >> am i more worried? from a public health perspective there is concern that we will see an uptick in the number of patients who are presenting to healthcare facilities and calling poison centers regarding marijuana. >> in california the legal limit is 10 milligrams of thc per serving and each one of
12:44 pm
these products can have no more than 100 milligrams in the entire package. but ktvu found not every dispensary is keeping up with proper labeling. our team fanned out and visited nine different dispensaries in oakland, berkeley, san francisco and san jose. we found 1/3 of them were not following state law selling edibles with too much thc. >> 25 milligrams each. >> sometimes the edibles were being sold at three times or even 10 times the dosage allowed by state law. dispensaries have six months to get the inventory up to date but in the meantime products with too much thc must have these warning labels. dosing is not just a concern for adults who are now legally able to consume. >> for me this is emblematic of
12:45 pm
the problem or concerns i have where you have a piece of candy and this tiny bite. >> a doctor from the california poison control system is concerned with the new legality of marijuana edibles. two years ago he was one of the doctors who treated 19 patients all rushed to the hospital after eating marijuana gummy rings. many of those who got sick were teenagers and children. one patient just six. >> a consumer that consumes 50 milligrams for the first time will have a similar experience to if they drink two bottles of wine. >> dosage is not the only concern. with the new law edibles must come in childproof packaging. >> the intention is so a five- year-old cannot get into this. it is a little tricky to open. >> these new regulations are
12:46 pm
being taken seriously as more employees have been hired to apply the proper labels warning consumers about the effects of thc the ingredient mixed into their edible chocolate bars. it is now taking the company twice the time to get their products out the door. they have even chosen to dial back the dosage. >> the state requires 10 milligrams as a serving size so that is part of the strategy we are going down to five because we think that is better for people to start. >> manufacturers and doctors want consumers to have a good experience with edibles and to stay safe. >> we make products that are easy to dose for new and existing consumers. it is about finding your dose. >> alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a lot of folks want to know
12:47 pm
if the moon will be clear to see tomorrow morning. >> i think we will be okay. the fog was more favoring later in the morning than early on so it will probably kick in around 4:00 in the morning. that is when you can get out to see it. one viewer says it seems like we are going through the drought again and so far that is true rainfall wise we have not had much and snow has not been very good. santa rosa 64%, 66 % san francisco and 4.77 inches in san jose. just a few clouds today but mostly sunny. tomorrow partly sunny with high clouds but a dry and warmer weekend as the storm track states to the north. fog is the key for tomorrow morning but if it follows any pattern like tomorrow -- today
12:48 pm
it will show up a little later on around 7:00. cloud coverage the central and southern california but now that has pushed south. we have a weak system dragging for these high clouds and there is enough of a breeze in this northwest direction mostly except for fairfield with east. there is a northerly and easterly breeze. 64 novato, 62 san jose, 50s and 60s for others. everyone is pretty close. el cerrito 65 with the easterly breeze, one observation in oakland at 63 with 50s in san francisco except for these lower 60s as we talked about in oakland. 57 truckee, 67 las vegas, 67 monterey and 75 in santa barbara. los angeles near 80 as is san diego and palm springs 81.
12:49 pm
they are well above average quite warm but we will be mostly clear today and it looks like the 10 day outlook is bone dry. we are looking at no rain anytime soon but things are brewing around valentine's day on the 14th and 15th. a possibility of rain. there is a lot of chatter on twitter about that and i understand why. 60s on the temperatures above average. we will watch out for the fog especially around the delta that is tough to budge out of the picture but for everyone else we are good to go and then warmer weather for the weekend. let's hope the rain that comes in february. if not we are in trouble. both teams in the super bowl are getting a full day of practice in minnesota, last night was media day where
12:50 pm
reporters and fans waited to chat with members of both teams ahead of the big game. super bowl lii marks tom brady's eighth super bowl and the first for the philadelphia corridor back. with spring training a few weeks away the oakland a's made a four player trade yesterday with the kansas city royals including bringing first baseman brandon moss back to oakland. he had 22 homeruns last year and the a's picked up a few pictures. a familiar face from the giants 2012 championship teams, greg or blanco has signed a one-year minor-league contract with the giants. is most important moment was that diving catch helping to reserve -- preserve the perfect game by matt cain. if he makes the team he can play all three outfield
12:51 pm
positions. pictures and catchers report tuesday, february 13. controversy at the vietnam's veterans memorial here in washington. i'm griff jenkins and i will have more on what is upsetting veterans and their families.
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this just in, a story on
12:54 pm
the missile alert mistakenly sent out in hawaii this month, earlier we told you about details that the employee who thought an attack was imminent, but now we have learned the employee has been fired. >> the resignation of the hawaii emergency management coordinator has also happen. today the fcc said hawaii had been testing alert capabilities and the employee mistook a drill for a real warning. emotional controversy at a well- known memorial, every new sign alerts visitors at a decade old tradition is prohibited. >> griff jenkins what is explained the -- what is upsetting many families visiting the vietnam veterans memorial. >> these are the people who sacrificed. >> the vietnam veterans memorial stands in tribute to the american heroes we lost in the war.
12:55 pm
bearing the names of 58,000 people. it is more than just a memorial for many families. it is a place to visit and leave mementos. a tradition since the wall was dedicated in 1982 but some families leave the cremated remains of veterans something that the park service says they don't have the resource for. >> we are not a cemetery we are simply not equipped to handle the long-term storage. >> with an aging population of vietnam veterans and the 50th anniversary of the worst year of fighting, crews say that there has been an increase in remains. >> in some ways it is disrespecting those men to have the remains left here. >> a sign sits by the walkway entering the site that says scattering remains is prohibited but that is upsetting some families who say that these brave men and women
12:56 pm
have sacrificed enough. >> it is their right to basically have what they desire.>> officials say that ashes have been left at the wall since it was built with the most incident happening a few weeks ago but it is clearly an emotional issue with families wanting to pay a final tribute. from the veterans memorial in washington i'm griff jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. strike join us today at 4:00 for a special, the state of california. >> we will examine the top races in the bay area and in california. we will hear from the governor candidates and look at the hotly debated races. the state of california airs today at 4:00 and then tonight at 9:00. just a few minutes from the closing bell and this is another look at a down day for the indexes. the dow jones is down 321
12:57 pm
points. hefty losses in healthcare and tech stocks. the nasdaq down 54 points. the s&p 500 down 26.>> thank you for joining us, we continue our coverage on we will bring you the state of the union address tonight at 6:00.
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